The successful implementation of the innovational projects within the park depends directly on the efficiency of the services provided by the Administrator.

    Therefore the administrator and the resident of the park should cooperate.

    Proposed services:

    • advice on legal issues – at the request of residents;
    • representing the interests of residents in the intellectual property offices, courts and government;
    • representation in central and local public authorities (except courts);
    • advice on intellectual property matters;
    • estimate of intellectual property rights;
    • communications and advertising;
    • developing strategic solutions;
    • drawing materials application;
    • documents;
    • Strategic consulting sales;
    • group financial planning (budgeting, advanced forecasting, periodic);
    • marketing audit;
    • legal expertise of documents;
    • issuance of license agreement (contract of transfer of rights);
    • allocation of marketing budgets;
    • system of key performance indicators (KPIs);
    • product profitability systems and projects;
    • control of economic value;
    • Implementation of management accounting systems and financial Transport (set-up);
    • drafting legal documents litigiousness;
    • periodic accounting review;
    • conducting documentary research;
    • payroll;
    • tax financial reporting;
    • financial audit and limited review;
    • statutory accounting;
    • custom accounting courses;
    • administrative accounting services;
    • working capital management;
    • implementation of internal control procedures;
    • rent offices and production spaces;
    • utilities and telecommunication services;
    • security.


    Based on the international experience of other parks, we must provide to the residents  the following services:


    • researches on the necessary funds of the project
    • business relationships;
    • organization of business meetings with partners, investors, lawyers, experienced entrepreneurs, officials from ministries, etc.:
    • creation of databases on specific projects issues;
    • organizing seminars (trainings) with residents on questions related to preparing presentations and proposals for investors, customers, partners and other practical questions related to the project;
    • looking for experienced retirees or contractors for aid residents starting new project implementation (meaning experts);